Preferential travel service offers travel beyond booking your trip


Most people think that travel agencies only book travel – anyone on Google’s platform can do it, but in reality they provide far more. There are 5 extra allowances here that make them worth the extra cost. Most people think that travel agencies will only charge you a fee. This is the most comfortable thing most people do online. However, in addition to planning your vacation, they can do more.

Rob Karp, CEO and founder of MilesAhead, a luxury travel concierge company, said: “Of course, we are specifically responsible for making travel routes, but good consultants can do it in ways that most people are not aware of. Help you.” Here are some things that can make an agent value for money.

Help you avoid

Travel agents can help solve any obstacles they may encounter as long as they pick up the phone and call them. Karp said that experienced agents can assist in booking flights when cancellations or long delays occur.

They can usually do this even if they did not book your flight. They can also help you find your home in the last minute, in case you are trapped somewhere, you can also help you track lost luggage. “Basically, we can remove the headache of travel from your hand and make it ours,” Karp said.

Full concierge service, ready to serve you

Yes, consultants can book accommodation for you and arrange airport transfers, but they can also manage all aspects of your trip, including choosing guides that match your interests, booking restaurants, buying theater tickets, and booking tickets to the museum. “Basically, your advisor can replace the hotel’s concierge,” Karp said. Some consultants will charge for this service from $50 to a few hundred dollars depending on your complex requirements. However, unlike hotel concierges, they do not want you to tip them.

Let them know you and they will personalize your trip.

The more a travel agency knows you, the more they can customize your trip to your liking. For example, if you are a vegetarian who travels in Italy, the agency may arrange a vegetarian pizza-making class, or at least provide some dining options that you feel are popular and have many choices.

Having a feeling for yourself also means that you will have surprises on the road. Karp’s brokerage firm usually arranges personalized welcome facilities for its customers: “Our one traveler is a big college basketball fan, so we designed custom sneakers in his alma mater and let them wait in their own room. With him.”

They can even make long-term travel plans

If you have any destination you really want to go to, agents can help you prioritize where and when you should go and help you get down from the couch and visit those wish list locations. Some trips may make more sense at some point in your life: For example, if you are keen to hike Rwanda gorillas and want your kids to go with you, it’s best to wait until they turn 16, which is allowable The minimum age. Similarly, if you have a fixed annual travel budget, your agent can help you decide how best to use this budget to get the most out of your money.

Even if you are not on vacation, they can help

Karp said that even if you do not travel, your agent can come in handy. For a loyal customer, he or she can order the restaurant at the last minute, buy a full concert ticket, and even book a conference room for a business meeting.

However, it is worth noting that agents want to obtain special services through loyalty. “The more you stick with the consultant, the more you can become an assistant.